Speaking and Workshops

Kathy is available to speak to and lead workshops with small or large groups on Identifying Your Passion, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion or Creativity and Innovation. 

Sample Programs

        Create the Life and Career You want

Creating a career based on your passion doesn’t involve dreaming up ideas that are not connected with the real world.  Instead, this approach identifies all the possibilities for your future, and helps you focus on several varied approaches to explore.  This workshop will give you practical tools to brainstorm your potential passions, narrow down your potential approaches and then an approach to explore and implement your approaches into the next stage of your career.

Ms Durdin gave us a morning ‎of genius on Engagement and passion for great new goals. She used essential principles in the most creative ways possible.....Her 35 years of Fortune 50 and other great experience were compelling. Ron Weaver

On Our Own Terms:  Creating the Vision for the Rest of Your Life, the Centre for Women

When you what you are doing is connected to your passions and core values, you are living a life of discovery that energizes you every day.  Discover or reconnect with your passions and explore how you can use them to create your vision for yourself.  Building on this vision, tied to your passion, you can create overall goals to help you realize your exciting vision.

        Identify Your Passions:  Creating the Vision for the Rest of Your Life

        Workshop with Encore Tampa Bay

Discover or reconnect with your passions and explore how you can use them to create your vision for yourself.  Building on this vision, tied to your passion, you can create overall goals to help you realize your exciting vision. 


You will draw on the relationships you develop and the skills you build while you are in college for the rest of your life. Our friends and colleagues provide us important information and connections. We rely upon our relationships in everything we do -- help getting things done now, broadening our groups and learning about new opportunities to finding our careers and starting out in new locations after college.



Kathy Durdin spoke about how women build relationships differently than men. She talked about the differences of how extroverts and introverts network, and focused particularly on introverts as most networking books focus on skills from an extrovert's perspective, discouraging introverts, who are often the best networkers. Social media has impacted how we build relationships.

Kathy spoke about the science behind the importance of building personal relationships face to face. She spoke about how women build relationship differently than men. 

Kathy's presentation covered all of the bases. It was a great introduction to networking for those beginning, and those needing some refresher training. Our members especially found useful the description of the differences between the ways that women network differently from men.

Elise Christopher, Sorority Advisory Board Member


Men and women approach developing and maintaining professional relationships differently and have different communication styles.  By understanding these dynamics, both men and women can be more effective in their communication (and less frustrated).  Participants in the workshop also analyzed their communication styles and approaches, and identified strategies to make their communication more effective, enhancing their visibility and better controlling the dynamics of the conversation.

Enhancing Creativity in the Workplace 

 Workshop provided for the Legal Marketing Association.  

Everyone can be creative – however, years of education and work environments have not developed or emphasized that creativity.  To stay competitive in the marketplace, organizations now prize creativity.  Participants learned how to enhance their own creativity, spark the creativity that may be dormant in those that they work with, and connect that creativity to the business environment. Participants also learned how to challenge themselves to be more creative and integrate creativity into their day to day activities. 

“Our professional organization is filled with busy, stressed out individuals.  We love what we do in our marketing careers, but many of us have become so busy in our ongoing daily tasks and work responsibilities that we often forget the disciplines that lead to creativity.  Kathy’s presentation to our Legal Marketing Association group was inspiring, engaging and very interactive.  The examples she shared and the exercises she led us through instilled in us the power of creative thinking and problem solving.  Everyone left renewed and energized to bring creativity back into our professional and personal lives.”

  Kim BrannanDirector of Marketing, Hill Ward Henderson


Bridging the Confidence Gap: Making It Happen for You 

Pearls of Wisdom session produced by the Women of Influence Committee of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. 

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “Making It Happen.”  The presentation launched this year’s celebration and explored practical approaches to apply to your career that help you bridge the confidence gap, increase your visibility, enhance your leadership voice, and boost your effectiveness.  Applying these approaches makes you more confident in who you are.  We also explored what all of us can do within our organizations to make women’s careers happen.