Effective and impactful development is not a one-off event but a continuous program that engages the individual in setting and internalizing his/her own short and long term goals that he/ she is invested in achieving. Kathy has developed mentoring programs, and provided one on one coaching in support of individual development.

For example, she developed an innovative virtual small group mentoring circle program that focused on the skills needed by mid career women to succeed in consulting. Her approach includes:

  • Knowing your strengths, internalizing your leadership 
  • Identifying your motivations and passions  
  • Navigating your career and defining success– both planning and development the flexibility to meet opportunities
  • Being seen as a leader, understanding how others perceive you, creating a strong impression and personal branding

Over the years, Kathy has insightfully helped me see how I could reposition my focus and reenergize myself to be even more successful.  I found her programming for mid-career women, which I have partnered with her to deliver, to be particularly effective in meeting their needs and providing them with tangible and actionable steps that they could implement to move their careers forward.  She inspires me with her creative ideas and enthusiasm, and has always been a great resource.

Andrea Tecce, Managing Director, Navigant