Our Approach

While organizations may have similar needs, no situation is exactly the same. Kathy partners with the organization or individual to collaboratively assess current and evolving needs, and develop or revise customized, sustainable programming aligned to business needs that will positively impact the client.  Whether an organization needs a specific program to meet an identified need or a broad curriculum, Kathy can partner with the client to create and deliver programming that enhances leadership development, inclusion and creativity.



Programs We Offer

Leadership Development

Changes in how, where and with whom we work mean that the leadership style and approach that worked in the past are no longer as effective.  Leaders and organizations need to evolve to more effectively engage employees.  Employees’ priorities have changed, particularly with new generations in the workforce.  Effective programs reflect those changing priorities, so employees feel supported to develop their potential and achieve their specific goals and objectives.  Kathy works with organizations in:

  • Creating an inclusive leadership culture
  • Enhancing employee engagement
  • Supporting relationship development and networking skills
  • Connecting generations and enhancing communications

Kathy also uses art based programming to enhance leadership development, with an emphasis on focus, framing, visioning, strategic thinking and employee engagement. For more information, see her white papers.


Diversity and Inclusion, including Women’s Leadership

An organization’s focus on diversity and inclusive leadership is no longer a “nice to have” but rather an imperative if an organization is going to succeed in a global economy and attract and retain talent from today’s workforce.  To be effective, the organization’s business case for diversity and inclusion must be both effectively articulated and internalized by all, particularly all tiers of management.  All must understand and appreciate how inclusive leadership benefits both themselves and the organization.  Individuals must feel that their management supports and values their participation in the programs and they must also see a how their involvement can help them achieve their personal and career objectives.   Kathy’s experience with Diversity and Inclusion programming includes:

Assessment of the organization, identifying employee and organizational needs, and articulation of the business case for Diversity & Inclusion, connecting it to both organizational and employee needs.

  • Design, development and implementation of program structure, including Diversity & Inclusion Council and Employee Resource Groups
  • Implementation and rollout, including communications plans and strategies to enhance employee engagement at all levels of the organization
  • Development and delivery of customized programming supporting inclusive leadership, cultural competency and cross-cultural communication and inspirational and topical programming designed to enhance awareness and employee engagement and connection to the organization. 


Development and implementation of women’s leadership programming, including:

  • Being heard and gender communications
  • Building confidence
  • Presence
  • Career development, including identification of skills and strengths, positioning, and career planning
  • Relationship development and networking skills


Creativity and Innovation

The pace of change means that all organizations focus on encouraging innovation and supporting their employees’ creativity.  However, many employees believe that they are not creative, or their creativity was last encouraged years ago. Any individual can recapture the creative spark, tap into their creative potential and apply that creativity to innovation and enthusiasm for any endeavor.  Kathy uses art based programming foster the development of creativity and the support of an innovative culture.