Program assessment, development & implementation

We work with the organization to collaboratively assess current and evolving organizational needs, develop or revise sustainable programming aligned to business needs that will positively impact the organization, and engage and inspire all levels of employees and support the organization through implementation.


Kathy is adept at creating and implementing inspirational, innovative and effective programming that engages all employees and helps the organization build a culture of inclusion. Combining a focus on employee access and development through innovative programmatic initiatives, and influencing leadership development and support, Kathy develops an environment that fosters personal growth and cultural competency. Her strategic approach to identifying organizational and employee needs and developing targeted programming that met those needs effectively connected initiatives to our organization's business case. Her leadership engaged all in supporting the development of all employees and the enhancement of the organization's effectiveness to better connect with colleagues and clients, while supporting the firm’s overall cultural shift and reinforcement.

Saul B. Helman MD, Managing Director, Navigant, and Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Council


I have worked with Kathy on numerous programs targeted to meet our organization's and teams needs, supporting individual growth, development of inclusive leadership skills and more effective communication access cultures, enhancing the participants' understanding of others and making them more effective within the team and with clients.  These programs engaged all, particularly the leadership team, in the relevance of diversity and inclusion to our business and provided tangible tools that we could apply immediately on the job to make us better consultants, and helped me to better achieve my objectives with both my team and my fellow leaders.

Jordan Kuperschmid, former Managing Director, Navigant