Kathy uniquely combines a varied background in management consulting, leadership development and arts, and applies all of these experiences and disciplines to meet her clients’ needs. 

Kathy has had a broad based career that encompasses client service and organizational management in both the consulting and non-profit environments.   After over twenty-five years of management consulting experience, Kathy changed her focus to an area about which she have always been passionate – enhancing and encouraging individual development and expanding inclusive leadership.  Over five years, she envisioned, developed and implemented the Women’s Leadership and Diversity & Inclusion Programs at Navigant, emphasizing leadership development and employee engagement. She also expanded the programs to focus on the leadership development and engagement needs of Millennials and young professionals.  Working with small groups and one on one, she coached individuals on career and skills development to achieve their desired objectives. 



Kathy is also a nationally exhibiting and award winning artist. She brings her creativity and artist’s focus to her work in leadership development.  The artist’s vision and focus provides a unique metaphor for the activities of the leader.  In addition to enhancing leadership development, art based programming can foster the development of creativity.  Any individual can recapture the creative spark, and apply that creativity to innovation and enthusiasm for any endeavor.

Kathy focuses on programming that fosters awareness, connection, individual development, engagement and retention of talent and connection with the external marketplace.  Her goal is to help clients by creating effective programming that supports the organization and the individual in their evolution to meet the business and talent development needs of the twenty-first century.

Prior to working in leadership development, Kathy worked with clients and their counsel to address their most pressing commercial litigation, business and regulatory needs, helping them make more informed decisions and achieve successful outcomes. 

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Kathy graduated from the College of William and Mary in Virginia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and is a CPA in Virginia and Florida, as well as a Project Management Professional.  She is also a Certified Hudson Institute Coach.

She continues to be active in volunteer positions at William and Mary, as well as in the local and statewide civic and arts community.

In her free time, Kathy can be found around town painting.

In her free time, Kathy can be found around town painting.