A new approach to leadership

Changes in how and where we work, who we work with and how we engage each other means that successful leaders and organizations need to continually evolve their leadership approach to emphasize inclusion and to ensure that all are engaged.  The rate of these changes and the organization’s need to innovate to keep pace with or ahead of the marketplace results in an even greater imperative to encourage everyone’s creativity.  

Kathy Durdin uniquely combines backgrounds in management consulting, leadership development and arts, and applies all of these experiences and disciplines to meet her clients’ needs.  She helps organizations and individuals to develop and enhance their leadership to be even more inclusive, and to enhance their creativity and innovation.  Through customized programs, she works with organizations to create environments where all employees know that they are supported to develop to their potential and their diversity is valued, and helps individuals align goals with passions and achieve their success.


Program Assistance

We partner with the organization to collaboratively assess current and evolving organizational needs, develop or revise sustainable programming aligned to business needs that will positively impact the organization, and engage and inspire all levels of employees and support the organization through implementation.


Effective workshops start with understanding participant needs.  Kathy works with clients to develop and deliver customized workshops, starting with learning objectives and then developing engaging and interactive activities tied to these objectives.  When possible, Kathy uses art based activities to enhance learning.


Effective and impactful development is not a one-off event but a continuous program that engages the individual in setting and internalizing his/her own short and long term goals that he/ she is invested in achieving.  Our mentoring programs, and one on one coaching support individual development.